• Khalid Akil: The Unmentioned
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    by Eleonora Catalli, from London 12 January 2012. Khalid Akil is a young Syrian artist with a strong interest in politics and human rights which he constantly transposes in his work. The Unmentioned is his premiere in the UK hosted by the Lahd Gallery in London with a selection of ten powerful and challenging black […]

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  • Scenes from a late-summer Scandinavian book fair
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    By our special correspondent Antonella Narciso   – English Version –  (linguistic adaptation by Susanna Lai)     How is it that tens of thousand people have kept a secret for almost thirty years?  And what makes famous representatives of different cultural fields take part to this conspiracy of silence?  It is just to answer […]

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  • Salsa in London!
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    by Eleonora Catalli, from London   I discovered my passion for salsa in London and realised that I could actually learn how to do it and even become good at it! Then, in search of its origins I decided to go to Cuba where I discovered that salsa is a fantastic transcultural phenomenon. Salsa brings people together and […]

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  • Ulver
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    by Claudio Consoli (linguistic adaptation by Professoressa Marianna Cannatelli) The thin and sharp rays of light that almost hurt your eyes used to half darkness withdrew silently towards their source, as fast as the clouds which pushed by strong winds hide the sun in the high autumn sky, while beneath, in the thickness of a […]

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  • Gilad Atzmon and “The Orient House Ensemble”
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    by Eleonora Catalli, London The Orient House Ensemble Hideaway, London – 22 October 2011 Gilad Atzmon – well known jazz musician and writer – performed with the Orient House Ensemble at Hideaway in London on Saturday 22 October 2011. The show was preceded by an inspirational talk where a humorous and humble Gilad presented his personal […]

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  • The Arabic Hip-hop…
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      by Eleonora Catalli, London     Friday 14 October 2011 Leighton House Museum   As part of the Nour Festival of Arts, Randa Safieh, a music teacher and ethnomusicologist specialising in Palestinian hip-hop, and Master Mimz, a Moroccan London-based rapper, explored the origins and developments of Arabic hip-hop. Following the screening of the video […]

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  • Osteria del Ghetto – Ferrara
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    di Susanna Lai (linguistic adaptation)   Some towns have such a bright soul that they only temporarily experience patches of shade.. Ferrara is one of these.  It is a wonderful town you could define amphibious, it lost its mermaid look a long time ago, but it did not lose the water memories the River Po left […]

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  • A musical between London and Chicago
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    di Eleonora Catalli da Londra Chicago, Cambridge Theatre, 16 May 2011 If a friend came to visit you in London and gave you the freedom to organise his time, what would you do? The beauty of London is that you can tailor your time according to your preferences; you have an almost infinite spectrum of […]

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