A musical between London and Chicago

di Eleonora Catalli da Londra

Chicago, Cambridge Theatre, 16 May 2011

If a friend came to visit you in London and gave you the freedom to organise his time, what would you do? The beauty of London is that you can tailor your time according to your preferences; you have an almost infinite spectrum of possibilities. I have to admit I didn’t have to think too much before getting two last minute tickets for one of the most popular West End musicals: London is definitely the city of musicals!

We arrived at a female prison in Chicago in the Prohibition era where jazz dominated the music scene. Corruption, celebrity and scandal well summarise a plot made famous in 2002 by Rob Marshall’s homonymous musical film. A corrupt American criminal justice system allowed the emergence of two celebrity criminals, at first competing and then bound by solidarity; two cynical, heartless and merry women: Velma guilty of killing her husband and her sister and Roxie culpable of murdering her lover.

Scandalous and seductive costumes, ‘dark lights’, witty choreographies and a gorgeous orchestra counterbalanced the small and simple stage of the Cambridge Theatre. Sarah Soetaert as Roxie was absolutely dazzling; the scene where Billy turned her into a ventriloquist through which he dictated a re-arranged story of her murder for journalists’ consumption was unforgettable. This musical is certainly worth seeing!

For further reference: http://www.chicagothemusical.co.uk/index.php

(immagine da http://www.chicagothemusical.co.uk/index.php)


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