The performance of Antonio Simone

di Eleonora Catalli da Roma

Antonio Simone

Italian Cultural Institute of London

20 June 2011

(immagine da in London to receive the award at Scala in King’s Cross; the Italian pianist Antonio Simone offered to the audience of the Italian Cultural Institute of London a remarkable music concert. He mainly played the compositions of his latest CD ‘Life of Colours’. Music is a universal language that crosses and overcomes differences. Happiness, melancholy, love, nostalgia, energy are amongst the emotions I felt while listening to Antonio’s music; he plays the piano to provoke feelings to his audience, to the people who are willing to live emotions; trigger and final aim at the same time.

After the concert I had the pleasure to chat a little bit with Antonio in a sort of informal and unplanned interview which gave me the possibility to discover a little bit more about his music and how it is entangled to his life.

After an improvised exhibition singing the soundtrack of his favourite TV series as a nine year old child his parents recognized his musical potential and supported him in studying piano. Years of private lessons, a successful graduation from the Conservatory at the age of 19, competitions and prizes lead him to develop a life passion for composition. His composition rejects conventional rules and explores new possibilities; as Antonio says ‘my composition is difficult to define. I am an independent artist’.

Antonio is an expert of musicotherapy. He recalled how he started as a student moved by the attempt to understand how music could be directed towards therapeutic, rehabilitative, educative and re-educative objectives and as ‘there isn’t only one musicotherapy’ he focused on the musicotherapy of well-being. From student to teacher he abandoned this profession as soon as he felt he was drifting apart from his life passion for composition. ‘Today – being the therapeutic power in the music – I try to transfer positive emotions and feelings though my compositions’.

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