Fairy Tales

di Susanna Lai

(linguistic adaptation)

It is been a pleasant surprise to find out that Fairy Tales Guiness Pub in Rome gives hospitality to little and great events connected with visual arts, readings and aesthetic investigation.  This is actually interesting  since the mixture of cultural events and taste is usually reserved to coffee shops or similar places. Ties between the magic black drink and art production have long been established, first in old Europe and nowadays in the least predictable places in the world. In the case of Gabbo & Soci, instead, a clearly new trend comes up. Fairy Tales managers have decided to promote a new marriage between beers and literature, art, music and cultural interest in general. The care they take in beer selection is the same as they take in providing their clients with a familiar and relaxing atmosphere.

Fairy Tales Pub was already renowned for its live music performances. Several bands have played on its little stage at different times of the year and have contributed to make the place pleasant and peculiar. Now the “Storie Incantate” are dealing with another kind of events that occur regularly.

Linda Maltese’s tiny exhibition has recently been organised inside the Fairy Tales Pub. Through her mostly acrylic paintings the artist tends to express her states of mind by both a meeting and a clash among winding lines and expanding spots of colour. The women’s faces, at times well defined and at times faded or just sketched, seem to show some interior discomfort, but the figures’ body sinuosity and stances give the impression (at least to us from Culturalismi) of a self affirmation attempt despite any discomfort.

It must be said that drinking a red beer at 11.00 pm while watching a picture portraying swimming women, and listening to background music at the same time, is very pleasant.

Gabbo & Soci have most recently offered their stage to the Music Festival, promoted by the XVII Municipio del Comune di Roma, along with the Cerchi Magici Cultural Association that actively contributed to the event. A wide selection of emergent bands took place at Fairy Tales in May. The clients of the pub have enjoyed the execution of various music styles, from rock to world music, while drinking their favourite beers.

In this way Fairy Tales managers have introduced Romans and foreign tourists to the coming summer season in the Eternal City and surely they will keep on providing their clients with the pleasure of drinking beer and listening to music.

Certainly there are not many pubs that offer such spurring experiences and finally the effect is interesting and stirring. What do you think about it. Visit Via Caio Mario 16/A in Rome and let us know whether you like the place.



For further reference:


Phone: 0039 / 06 / 3222282

Mobile: 0039 / 338 5272026

Official websitre: http://www.fairy-tales.it/



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