Tango Fire – Flames of Desire

di Eleonora Catalli da Londra

Peacock Theatre 23 April 2011

(foto da http://www.tango-fire.com/COMPANY.html)The word tango brings to mind the idea of a passionate and sensual dance, the close embrace of a man and woman who share not only a musical rhythm but also an intimate history. The lure of a pre-show Milonga where people from the audience may dance on stage took me to the Peacock Theatre in London. Sitting in the audience and listening to the music, I waited for the first couple to be brave enough to tango on the empty stage; to my surprise the dance was opened by two men who were shortly joined by some mixed couples; then, Tango Fire dancers appeared and walked amongst the audience inviting some to dance. I hoped, and almost feared, that I would be treated to dancing with one of these famous dancers but to my disappointment it did not happen. The Milonga ended and the audience left the stage to the five couples who embarked on a journey through the history of tango, from a more traditional tango in the dance halls of Buenos Aires to an increasingly athletic and acrobatic tango popular within the contemporary scene; the use of costumes reflected this change, from 1940’s hairstyles and outfits to contemporary dance-show dresses. The stage was simple; framed by the Quatrotango band at the back and a few tables with chairs to the sides it was suffused with a dim but warm light that emphasised the dancers’ movements, their sense of abandonment and dramatic sensuality. The pattern was also simple; the five couples alternated between group numbers and duets; although under the choreographic direction of Yanina Fajar the couples were still free to express their own dancing styles. The live music was sometimes accompanied by the soft and warm voice of Jesus Hidalgo. The result was spectacular.

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